Now Is the Time is a dedicated app that focuses on promoting good organizational and time management skills to the community. 
Time is only yours — the way you interact with time is the way you walk through life.
UX Design Process 
Design Challenge
The way we distribute our daily 
plans and chores determines how
 we are going to spend our time.
People in some communities don't
have strong time management habits.
All of us need time management 
skills to function.
The Goal
Design an app to help manage time.
 It needs to provide both tools and a
system in order to teach good
organizational habits, and time
 management skills to the community.
The app must also work as a tool people
can use to organize their schedules.
The user
User Personas 
User Journey Map
The competition

As I design the user center I wanted to know what users feel about to-do apps and organizer apps. That led me to conduct an interview during the usability study and also a competitive audit.

Starting the design
Usability Study
Responsive Design
Companion website site-map
Finishing the Design:


Link to the prototype: 
Last Takeaways

 Impact: Now Is the Time provides a user-friendly experience focused on promoting self-care through simple actions. “The app has an easy way to plan activities, it inspires me to have things in order.” Those are words from a participant in the usability study.
I learned that there are many things connected to a person's daily plans. 
When I wanted to create a to-do list app, I thought having a tool is the only thing some people needed in order to organize their plans better, but I realized that in addition to having an efficient tool, they also need a trustworthy way to develop a system that works for them an that helps them to form healthy time-management habits.
Next Steps

Keep thinking about the way the app's accessibility can be improved.
Add more features and upgrade the ones that are already working.
Start a usability study in order to improve usability, enjoyability, accessibility, and usefulness, and keep iterating on the app.
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