Starting the research

Design Challenge
In the real estate industry, it
is hard for buyers to find
a reliable and trustworthy
way to buy land online.
The Goal
Provide a trustworthy online real estate
 experience by creating a a responsive,
 accessible, user-centered website where
people can find an effective way to
purchase land or advertise and sell
 parcels of land and properties.
The user
Empathy maps
User Journey map
 The competition
Starting the design

Crazy eight design exercise

Low fidelity prototype
Usability study
Usability test
Branding & Logo
As lead designer, I was also a visual designer, responsible for the visual elements of the design. 
I created the brand focusing on highlighting key elements of the business provided by the client.
The trees are an important part of the landscape in Santa Elena, Antioquia, Colombia. This logo was created thinking of the hope and freshness that inspire new beginnings.
Responsive design
Finishing the Design
Last Takeaways

Impact: There are many important features for users of a real estate website. The user likes when there are user-friendly ways to find all the information that they need. The app was a success in navigation and appealing visuals, said a user. It's essential to build trust with users. We believe honesty is the best policy when doing business online in order to build a positive reputation over the long term.
I learned that we can make meaningful changes with minimal details. I learned how challenging it is to earn a person's trust. `I also learned to not underestimate the guidelines and procedures that make people feel more comfortable with the design.
Thank you!
UX Designer​​​​​​​
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